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Every car, motorcycle, or towed vehicle – new or old – has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This 17-digit alphanumeric code is the savior of anyone buying a used car, or searching for parts for the one they own. By performing an Audi VIN check you can look up important information about the vehicle, including:

  • The vehicle’s date and country of manufacture
  • Specifications, such as the engine, transmission, body type, and more

Even more importantly, entering your code into an Audi VIN decoder may tell you the vehicle’s history, including whether it was stolen or in a serious accident. Getting this information before investing in a vehicle can save you a lot of money and worries.

So, before putting cash on the table, try our free Audi VIN decoder and give yourself some peace of mind!

How to check the Audi VIN number

Performing an Audi VIN lookup is very easy:

  1. Locate your Audi VIN code (check the above instructions for help finding it)
  2. Enter the number into our free Audi VIN decoder above 
  3. Click “Search”

That’s all there is to it!

Vehicle Identification Number structure

The Audi VIN is a combination of 3 codes:

  • World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI)

Digits 1 to 3 of a VIN code are known as the WMI. The first digit tells you the country where the vehicle was built, whereas the next two digits denominate the manufacturer (e.g. BMW, Toyota, etc.)

  • Vehicle Descriptor section (VDS)

Digits 4 to 9 are the VDS. Although each manufacturer has their own way of encoding information in the VDS, some things remain the same. Firstly, this part of the VIN always gives you the vehicle specifications. Secondly, the 8th digit is usually reserved for the engine type.

By interpreting the 6 digits of the VDS, you can learn about the automobile platform, model, body type, and more. 

  • Vehicle Identification Section (VIS)

Digits 10 to 17 are the VIS. The manufacturer uses this part of the VIN to uniquely identify the vehicle. Although the VIS may contain information about the car (such as the transmission choice), it is usually a simple number.

Where to find the Audi VIN?

The Audi VIN is usually displayed on the vehicle itself, as well as on related documents. The Audi VIN location on the vehicle depends on its type and manufacturer.

Here are the most likely places to look for the VIN of a car:

  1. On a metal plate on the dashboard. Look behind the windshield on the driver’s side from outside the vehicle
  2. On the driver’s side door. Look on the door frame, around the area where the door latches to the body
  3. Beneath the hood. The VIN may be displayed on the engine block or other valuable car parts

On a motorcycle, the VIN normally appears on the steering neck (headstock tube). Alternatively, it may be on the motor, usually near the lower part of the cylinder.

Whether you’re looking for the VIN of a car or a motorcycle, you will probably also find it on the car title or insurance certificate.